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Ali Abedini, father of Iran mobile

Ali Abedini, also known as the "Father of Mobile Phones in Iran," was born in 1353 (1974) in a poor family in the city of Isfahan. Due to his family's financial difficulties, he decided to start working and earning income from the early days of his school years. At a young age, he chose street vending as his source of income. As you may know, street vending is the first occupation for many today's successful merchants and entrepreneurs. At the age of 13, Ali Abedini, with the capital he had accumulated, went to Imam Square in Isfahan and purchased merchandise to advance his business. At the age of 15, he made the decision to progress further and started buying and selling telephones concurrently with the establishment of fixed telephone lines by Isfahan Telecommunications. Through his research, he met Engineer Rezaei, a telecommunications technician who had the ability to build wireless devices with a range of 30 kilometers. At the age of 20, Ali Abedini signed a one-year contract with the telecommunications company. At the age of 21, he began selling mobile phone lines and acquired one for himself. Then, with the advice of his friends, he decided to research mobile phones and, in coordination with the Iranian company "Sa Iran," established his own agency. Subsequently, he obtained agencies for Nokia, Alcatel, Siemens, and Iran Nokia, and continued his activities in this field until the age of 25. During this time, he also established the Mobile Services Office for Hamrah Aval and Irancell. The passion they had in this field led them to make serious decisions for progress with a strong team they had. They started by importing mobile phones from Iraq and changed their direction from retail to wholesale, establishing the Pars Technic brand. At the age of 30, with the trade name "Isfahan Pakhsh," they established agencies throughout Iran and became more serious about importing smartphones. It is worth mentioning that at the age of 39, he proposed a plan for importing mobile phones and started importing from Dubai. During this time, he registered his first office under the name "Almas Hamrah Spadana" in Isfahan and acquired the exclusive representation of Pars Iran Phone company, continuing this collaboration for three years. It is also worth mentioning that they registered the trade name "Iran Pakhsh" in Tehran and directly imported mobile phones and telecommunications equipment after obtaining a commercial card. Furthermore, after receiving market share reports and consulting with economic advisors in various cities, they registered new agencies. With the overwhelming reception they received in 1399 (2020), they selected the best from each province and invited them to collaborate and obtain representation. Ali Abedini, the Father of Mobile Phones in Iran, who is one of the largest mobile phone importers nationwide, currently manages 12 branches across the country. In 1402 (2023), Ali Abedini became a member of the Top Managers Club and developed a 5-year vision for the future of Almas Hamrah Spadana. It should be noted that all the visions will be implemented before the 5-year plan, and one of the achievements of the Father of Mobile Phones in Iran is being the first mobile trading company in Iran, not only engaged in wholesale mobile phones but also involved in pre-selling mobile phones with government currency. Additionally, Iran Pakhsh Holding is one of the largest companies distributing mobile phones with half currency in the country. Finally, I would like to convey a message from the Father of Mobile Phones in Iran to the youth of Iran, encouraging them to invest in themselves as their profession is the engine for generating wealth. It is also important to note that in business, fear holds no significance, and those who have a strong determination will change the world according to their desires.


5-year vision, mission and specified goals

Top importer of mobile phones and telecommunication equipment

Maximum until 29/12/1403
  • The leading importer of mobile phones and telecommunications equipment in Iran

Establishment and construction of an administrative-commercial building

Maximum until 29/12/1404

  • Establishment and construction of an office-commercial building in the beautiful city of Isfahan under the brand name Abedini Holding

Establishing 31 branches in the whole country and granting 100 representatives

Maximum until 29/12/1405
  • Granting 100 authorized agencies in the best cities of our beloved Iran of the type (franchise))
  • Everywhere in Iran will be our home with the establishment of 31 branches in the whole country

Establishment of a large commercial-administrative branch in Tehran

Maximum until 29/12/1406

  • Establishment of a large commercial and administrative branch in the city of Tehran

Establishing an international base in the UAE

Maximum until 29/12/1407
  • Establishment of an international base and registration of a commercial company in the UAE in the city of Dubai, a commercial town (Free Zone) with the brand name (Asia Broadcasting Company) with accurate and powerful management and planning by the father of Iran Mobile, Ali Abedini.


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Contact With Ali Abedini

Isfahan branch address

Isfahan, Taleghani St., Almas Shahr Passage, 2nd Floor, Unit 205

Tehran branch address

Tehran, Imam Hossein square, Kimia building, second floor, unit 1

Isfahan contact number

09135708200 || 09135708300

03131313657 || 031313153-4

Tehran contact number

09129611008 || 09129534263